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Your Vagina is Great!

Hey mama! Just a friendly reminder…your vagina is great! 


After having our babies our bodies often don’t look or feel the same. Sometimes it can be hard to even recognize these bodies. And this is especially true when it comes to our vaginas. When things don’t feel right, or if things don’t function properly we can easily forget that this is the site of pleasure, power and creation. We can start to feel as if we ARE our symptoms or our diagnosis. Scientific pain studies show that the more we think and focus on our symptoms, the worse they are. We hop on Google and read the horror stories. We wonder or sometimes believe that our lives will forever be changed. 


Sex will always hurt. 

We will pee every time we sneeze. 

We will never be able to lift more than 5lbs. 

We will never be able run/squat/do our favorite sport again. 


But mama…your vagina is great! And you are not your symptoms or your diagnosis! 


Our bodies change constantly. We grow. We age. We gain or lose muscle. We get pregnant. He give birth. We switch jobs and are either more sedentary or more active. We get more or less rest. 


When we can start to embrace the ever changing nature of our bodies, it can be easier to accept the big, sweeping changes that can happen during pregnancy and postpartum. 


And, you don’t need to accept the pain or discomfort. This is not your penance to pay for having kids! Seek out professionals who understand your goals and help keep you positive. If your goal is to get back into the gym or back to your sport and your therapist tells you that you shouldn’t workout or paints a doom and gloom picture of your recovery, it’s ok to ask why or get a second opinion! There is often a lot you can do to change your breath, pressure or posture that can lessen or alleviate your symptoms. 


Time, therapy and learning to listen to your body can go a long way toward helping you manage your symptoms and get back to the things you love to do! Don’t give your power away to your symptoms or your diagnosis! Your vagina is great! 


If you want to see how we integrate working with other professionals, helping you manage your symptoms and get back into the gym and back into a body you recognize, come try out one of our classes or schedule a consultation! Our personal training studio helps moms get strong during pregnancy and postpartum! 



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