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When’s the last time you did something new?


When is the last time you tried something new?

Moms come in to see us all the time feeling out of place in bodies they don’t recognize, moving and breathing in ways that fell alien. Thier body just went through an enormous transformation and before they even get a chance to adjust to the change…EVERYTHING CHANGES. They give birth and feel, as one of our clients describes it, like a deflated balloon. Sleep changes. Relationships change. Schedules change. Priorities change. Many women we see are looking for a sense of normalcy in their bodies. Something that feels familiar. 

It can feel frustrating and complicated. Especially when we are constantly seeking that body we knew before. It’s why we save old jeans that don’t fit. Why we see ourselves locked in a body we had years ago.  But in the depths of this transition lies so much possibility! Opportunities for acceptance, love and growth. Our bodies are always changing, and there is a freedom in submitting to that change and enjoying the ride!

When we are constantly looking longingly behind us to the body we used to have we forget about the amazing things our bodies are doing RIGHT NOW! Our heart beats constantly on our behalf. Our bodies may have grown another human. Our bodies snuggle our children. They feel pleasure. They do all the things! 

Recently I started training with a CrossFit trainer. I wanted to challenge my body and mind in new ways. I wanted to learn. And I have been pushed in ways that have surprised me. There have been times I have felt weak and naive in a realm I thought I was comfortable in. I have felt elated and excited as I learn new things. I have cried in frustration as I tried to get my body to cooperate. I have welcomed the highs and the lows. 

And this is good!!!

It’s in these icky places that the beautiful things start to grow! I’m excited about what lies ahead!

So mama, if you are feeling weak or frustrated or like you’ll just NEVER feel “normal” in your body again, or you’ll never learn to relax your pelvic floor, or you’ll never get a full nights sleep again… you are doing great. You are learning again about this amazing, ever-changing body and it is a beautiful thing!

If you want to learn in a welcoming environment with other women going through the same transitions as you, come try out a class or get signed up for an orientation! Email us at info@movmentduets.com. 



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