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When exercising during pregnancy doesn’t feel so great.

I am so excited to be in my third trimester! I didn’t have a third trimester during my last pregnancy, so this feels like a big deal to me. This 29th week of pregnancy brings with it relief and happiness, but it also has brought on a lot of physical aches and pains that I don’t remember experiencing so much of during my last two pregnancies.

It seems like every workout I do brings on a new pain that I didn’t know I had. And for someone who enjoys training that can be really frustrating! I’ll admit that there have been times where I’ve thought, “Well then….I quit until after this baby is born!” But I know that that is not only not something I want to do but that continuing to be active during pregnancy is beneficial and important.

If you’re experiencing this during your pregnancy, too, I want to share with you a few things that I’m keeping in mind to help me through this rough patch in my training journey:

  1. This is temporary. At some point this child will exit my body. In the grand scheme of things this is a short period of my life where I am sharing my body with another human. And of course that means that things will feel different and challenging! But it’s not forever (even if it feels like it’s been forever). During this time I can continue to give myself grace and patience.
  2. There are still a lot of things that I can do. Yes, there are exercises that are not appropriate for me right now at this stage of my pregnancy. But there are still a lot of things that I can do! Instead of being disappointed about the exercises that I’m missing out on I can focus on feeling strong and successful with the things that I can do.
  3. My body is serving me well and is doing something amazing. My body is growing and sustaining a life. That’s pretty freaking cool, right? I may not be maxing out on barbell deadlifts but I am growing a human. Instead of lamenting the aches and pains that have come up during my workouts I can shift my focus to that of gratitude for the work that my body is doing all of the time to nurture this baby. 

Exercising during pregnancy can feel pretty daunting and confusing if you’re not sure what you should or shouldn’t be doing, especially if nothing is feeling all that great right now. If you want some more guidance let us help….it’s what we do! Contact us by email at info@movementduets.com to get started.



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