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Self Esteem

Goodbye, plans! (And hello new ones)

“I think I want to wait until after Christmas next year to have another baby.” This was part of a conversation that I was having with my husband over breakfast the morning of December 5th. I had just received an email that StrongFirst was hosting a SFG 1 Kettlebell certification course in Seattle next September. […]

Too big? Says who?

“You’re too big for him.” Growing up I never gave much thought to this idea. That I was “too big.” Sure, I had insecurities and struggled with self esteem. I wanted to look pretty, have nice clothes and wished that some things about my body had been different, but I never really considered myself “big.” […]

I’m Done with Trying to Be a Perfect Mom

Perfectionism and I go way, WAY back. Certainly way earlier than when I became a mother almost two years ago. I remember moving back home one summer in between semesters of college and getting bent out of shape because my boyfriend at the time had turned a box the “wrong way.” I mean, it was […]

Why Moms Need a Social Life

I remember our first outing with Jack. He was 10 days old. Sam and I were invited by Cara and her family to go out to a pumpkin patch with them. I said, “Sure,” but I was terrified. I had to leave the house? With a baby? But….how?? The day went pretty much as expected. […]

“She’s just a little girl!” – Breaking Gender Stereotypes

“She’s just a little girl!” the man kept yelling. I had joined up with my family for a camping trip at the Coast over Labor Day weekend. Our camp site was at an organized family camp, which means there were lots of other campers and a lot of family activities planned. One of those activities […]

Mom Guilt: The Definitive Guide to Mom Shaming

Motherhood. We don’t know any other aspect of life that brings on so many insecurities. When our baby makes his or her way into this world, we are suddenly faced with a very big and important job: caring for and raising another human being……and we really don’t want to screw it up. We walk around […]

A Letter to the Old Me Before Mom: I Still See You…..and You Still Matter

Dear Old Me, I still see you. Sprawled out on the couch with two pillows under your head. Binge watching Parenthood and Orange is the New Black, pondering what you will be doing that day. I see you quietly sitting, sipping on some coffee and working on a blog that you’ve been at for awhile. […]

Birth Shaming…..Could You Not?

It was one of the more awkward coffee dates I had been on. Cara and I had met up with a few women that we had recently met and were talking shop. Being that we train mainly mamas and mamas-to-be with a lot of regard for their pelvic floor health, it was only natural that […]

The Glorification of the Pre-Baby Body

Our culture has a nasty habit of setting impossible aesthetic standards for women.   Beauty in America is a constant cat and mouse game highlighted by airbrushing and shame. Be thin, be curvy, be muscular, be perfect. It is a constant changing game of chase and anytime we, women, choose to play, we lose. We […]

Sometimes it Sucks! On How Being Vulnerable is Not Being Weak

It was late afternoon. Once again I felt those tiny hands on my legs and heard the ringing of his crying in my ears once more. My eyes were half open, my expression defeated. I was exhausted. This had been going on all. Freaking. Day. I could feel my patience failing and my temperature rising. […]