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Goodbye, plans! (And hello new ones)

“I think I want to wait until after Christmas next year to have another baby.” This was part of a conversation that I was having with my husband over breakfast the morning of December 5th. I had just received an email that StrongFirst was hosting a SFG 1 Kettlebell certification course in Seattle next September. […]

3 Things that You Need to Know About Your Pelvic Floor

If you’ve spent any time around Movement Duets, you know that we talk an awful lot about the pelvic floor. A lot of women (and men) suffer from pelvic floor dysfunctions, and especially moms. Broaching this subject has brought on a variety of responses including: “Why has nobody told me about this before?” “My doctor […]

Eating Healthy is More Expensive

When I was in my mid 20s I worked graveyard shifts for about 4 years. Eating during a typical work day looked something like this: During my first break I would drink a 12 ounce can of Dr. Pepper. At lunch, I’d buy another can of Dr. Pepper, a half pound of chicken strips and […]