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Exercising after baby: what to do about knees that cave in

Getting back into the gym after having your baby can be like stepping into an alternate universe. Maybe everything looks the same. Same old treadmills. Same old stretch area. Same old weights. But everyone is speaking a language you don’t recognize. What the heck happened to my core? Why do I feel so weak? Why […]

3 Ways to Make Time For Yourself When You Have Small Children

I was in the bathroom, my sanctuary since I had my first son, doing my business. And honestly, I was taking a few minutes to breathe, scroll Facebook and have a moment when a small child wasn’t asking something of me. As I zipped up my pants I could hear my son yelling from outside […]

Could Our Pregnant Bodies Take Down the Diet Industry?

A few weeks ago something miraculous happened.   As a trainer working with mainly women, I spend a LOT of time talking with women about loving their bodies. I routinely talk women down off the ledge of self-flagellation through starvation and over-exercising. I’ve made it my mission to empower women to love their bodies. But […]

A Birth Story: Oliver Brooks

I haven’t really known how to start Oliver’s birth story. It keeps rolling around in my head and getting stuck on “shoulds.”   I “should” have gone into labor.   I “should” have had a natural birth.   I “should” feel that the most important thing is the baby’s health.   I “should” not mourn […]

Letting Go of Our Old Stories

My little toe is burning.   The acupuncturist is holding a burning bunch of Chinese herbs near my little toe in hopes that my breech baby will turn. The smoke somehow smells fresh and acrid at the same time. I close my eyes and talk to my son. My mantra rolls over and over in […]

The Pregnant Park Workout

I woke up this morning a little giddy.  I had seen the weather forecast and this whole week is calling for sunshine and happiness…finally! It is no secret that I struggle in these Salem winters. Oregon can be one of the most beautiful places on earth when the sun is out and the crystal blue sky […]