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The Best Exercises For An Amazing Sex Life

Sex is important.   It is.   Even if you are a mom…ESPECIALLY if you are a mom!   Sex can help you stay connected with your partner. It can help you feel a little less like a woman covered in baby spit and yoga pants and more like a woman-hear-me-roar!   On a physical […]

Could Our Pregnant Bodies Take Down the Diet Industry?

A few weeks ago something miraculous happened.   As a trainer working with mainly women, I spend a LOT of time talking with women about loving their bodies. I routinely talk women down off the ledge of self-flagellation through starvation and over-exercising. I’ve made it my mission to empower women to love their bodies. But […]

Letting Go of Our Old Stories

My little toe is burning.   The acupuncturist is holding a burning bunch of Chinese herbs near my little toe in hopes that my breech baby will turn. The smoke somehow smells fresh and acrid at the same time. I close my eyes and talk to my son. My mantra rolls over and over in […]