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We’ve heard a rumor that running is fun. 


In all seriousness, we do know that many women really do enjoy running. Running is convenient, you can just step outside with a stroller. Running is easy, we all know how to do it. But running might not be the best way to start your new exercise program as a new mom! As your core is healing, adding all the impact of running can cause pain, increase your healing time and create dysfunction in your core and pelvic floor.


A lot of us think that running will help us get in shape. But, for long-term health, we really should get in shape in order to run. 


It  can be hard to know where to start, so here are the steps that we take our clients through to get them back into running in a way that honors the changes their body has been through! 


Crawling– They say that you should crawl before you walk and we agree! Crawling helps get those inner core muscles firing again. During pregnancy these muscles get stretched out and sometimes injured. Crawling can help strengthen them and sync them up. 


Walking Hills– Your butt and your pelvic floor are besties. They work great together! Hill walking not only helps develop your glute muscles, but they make you lean forward, helping you utilize your pelvic floor muscles better! 


Lunges– Practice exaggerated running patterns. Lunging can help you develop muscles that are important for running! Lunging is also a lot slower than running. And slowing things down a bit can give you a chance to practice different breathing strategies and get your pelvic floor ready for all the impact of running. 


Jogging for short periods of time– Start slow. You might feel great at the beginning of a run, but feel pain or pelvic floor symptoms towards the end. Give yourself permission to do less than you think you can. If you start slow and work up slowly, you can keep your fingers on the pulse of your symptoms and make adjustments as you need to. Little by little you can start adding time and intensity until you are tackling your old routes! 


If you’d like to work with us as you get back into running postpartum, shoot us an email and we will set up a consultation! info@movementduets.com



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