Precision Nutrition with Movement Duets

Precision Nutrition is a program that has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women change their lives.

When we became Precision Nutrition clients ourselves we knew beyond a doubt that we needed to be offering this service to you. It’s changed our lives – and now we want to help you change yours.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

The Precision Nutrition program is a year long program. When it comes to signing up, you have two options: Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. We have 3 levels that we explain in detail below. Choosing your level of coaching will determine the amount of contact and interactions that you want and need from us. (Don’t worry, you can always change which level you’re at as your needs change.)

Here’s the breakdown on the coaching levels:

Level 1 includes:

-Daily lessons via the Precision Nutrition portal

-Bimonthly progress reports via the Precision Nutrition portal

-Monthly workshops via the Precision Nutrition portal

-Access to Movement Duets’ closed Facebook Group

-Frequent feedback and coaching from us online

-The option to share your progress and struggles either publicly via the closed Facebook group and/or privately via the Precision Nutrition portal.

Price: $99 start up fee + $69 for the first month, then $69/mo. after that.

Level 2 includes:

– Everything listed above, plus…

– One 30 minute small group nutrition coaching session per week with other Precision Nutrition participants and your coach.

Price: $99 start up fee + $89 for the first month, then $89/mo. after that.

Level 3 includes:

-Everything listed above, plus…

-Two 30 minute individual check-ins with your coach per month where we will assess your progress. Check-ins are held via Skype or in-person, depending on your location.

-More individualized guidance on working through sticking points.

-Additional projects picked specifically for you by your coach to delve deeper into your daily lessons.

-Measurements, if desired.

Price: $99 start up fee + $129 for the first month, then $129/mo. after that.

Once we’ve received notification that you have signed up we will enter you into the Precision Nutrition system and will add you to our closed Facebook Group. From there you will be walked through the first step in this amazing journey!

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Questions? Feel free to contact us here.