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Mom Guilt: The Definitive Guide to Mom Shaming

Motherhood. We don’t know any other aspect of life that brings on so many insecurities.

When our baby makes his or her way into this world, we are suddenly faced with a very big and important job: caring for and raising another human being……and we really don’t want to screw it up.

We walk around tirelessly at night with a fussy baby wondering if we should actually put them down to try the “cry it out method.” We pour over the pages of the intro to solid foods book. We wear out the Google search engine for “Is it normal for my baby to cry after every feeding?”

We are so paranoid about doing everything in the parenting book “right.” And no one is harder on us than we are……except everyone else, it seems.

We already have those well meaning relatives and friends in our lives that tell us, “That’s not the way I did it.” But these days, you don’t have to look much further than your own cell phone to see a mother’s parenting skills being ripped apart. And when people get behind a screen and onto a keyboard, they can be particularly nasty.

The number of things that moms are shamed for seems insurmountable.

“I can’t believe she announced her pregnancy this early. What if something happens?”

“Natural unmedicated births are the only way to go.”

“Why wouldn’t she just use the epidural?”

“Breastfeeding is best.”

“Fed is best.”

“I can’t believe she’s breastfeeding in public. Cover up!”

“She didn’t circumcise her son? Why?!”

“Why would you ever co-sleep with your baby?”

“How can you be a ‘real’ mom when you work full-time?”

“You know if you keep rocking her to sleep she’ll never self soothe.”

And it goes on and on and on….

Our minds swirl with the unsolicited advice (which is a nice way of saying it)…..”Are they right? Am I doing it wrong?”

And unfortunately, the answers don’t get any clearer when we talk about the hot topic of how we exercise during pregnancy and after.

Recently the Internet was buzzing both with awe and outrage at Emily Breeze, a CrossFit Games athlete, personal trainer and now new mom, who posted a video on Instagram of her doing an intense CrossFit workout at 38 weeks pregnant.

And the Internet exploded with hate.

“Her IQ has the same size as her belly…”


“I don’t think this is healthy.”

“Just why???”

“Wow. That is just wrong.”

“Stupid women.”

Listen. We are trainers who specialize in pre and postnatal fitness, and we probably have one of the strongest opinions on this. Just for the record, no, these are not exercises that we would recommend for our pregnant training clients, but we would NEVER approach this woman with a spiteful remark expecting her to suddenly “see the light.”

We get it. Strong opinions like these can come from an actual place of concern. But, mom shaming, and shaming in general, is often done from a place of fear and insecurity. It can come from anger. From jealousy. From dying to be noticed. It can even come from boredom.

Motherhood is already exhausting and overwhelming…..can we stop wasting our precious time and energy on being cruel to one another?

We are already hard enough on ourselves. We don’t need others cutting us down with insults for not feeding our kids organic snacks all the time. We need to come alongside one another. We need someone to stop us as we’re pacing up and down the aisles of a plane with a screaming baby to say, “You’re doing a good job.”

This type of support is exactly the environment that we created in within our personal training culture both with our online and in-person clients. It’s a safe place for moms to come together to share their struggles without the fear of being harshly judged.

It’s also the place to come for expert guidance. Parenthood has a lot of uncertainty. But, when it comes to your workouts during pregnancy and after, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re doing it right. We’ve done the research for you.

We’re not only trainers, we’re also fellow moms who both had babies this past year. And we know firsthand how confusing this whole thing can be. Join the tribe and meet a group of your new best friends. Moms just like you who are looking for the best workouts for their bodies, tips and strategies for good nutrition and a mom shaming-free zone where they can nurture their strength inside and out.

As a thank you for signing up between now and midnight on July 31st we will throw in a FREE copy of our 5 Day Jump Start Guide. In this guide you will find 5 days worth of recipes, shopping lists and workouts. 

Ready to dive in? Get started here or email us at info@movementduets.com for more information.




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