Time. It becomes a limited resource when you become a mom. In fact, making the time to workout is the #1 struggle for our mama clients. It doesn’t have to be such a tug of war.  We developed this challenge to help you…

  • Make your health and fitness a priority in 30 minutes or less, watch your energy skyrocket and your body transform.IMG_1636

  • Learn our secret to getting the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss and your workouts.

  • Let go of the guilt and shame surrounding taking time for self care and show up as a happier, more energized mama–even your husband and children will notice.

  • Find quick and convenient ways to help the whole family eat healthier without breaking the bank or spending hours on food prep—because no mama has time for that!

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FeaturedPost1We get it.

We are both new moms and long-time trainers. Adjusting to our new schedules, priorities and lifestyles has been a challenge this year. And because we know how hard it can be we are even more passionate about helping moms like you…like us…find ways to get self-care on your list

Our mission is to help moms move naturally, eat primally and take unapologetic ownership of their place in this world, and part of taking ownership is getting real about what you want and need. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. We’ve seen and heard it all. One of the things that we pride ourselves in is helping women change their mindset AND their bodies. 

But before you dive in, we want to tell you a little bit about our story……

We are best friends. We met at the gym and bonded over lifting weights. We would spend many long afternoons in the gym together. We had endless time to sweat and chat. 

But babies change everything, don’t they?

We found out very quickly that in order to continue doing the things that we love, that make us feel like the strong confident women that we are inside, we needed to make some changes…. 

Our workouts changed and became more efficient and effective.

Our food prep and food choices were streamlined.

And, most of all, we sought to change our mindset in order to find peace and balance in our new lives. 

Don’t get us wrong. Our children are gifts…miracles. They are the future of our world and parenting them is just about the most important thing that we will ever do. But we recognize that we would only be a shell of the type of parent that we know we could be if we didn’t take the time for self care. 

So, we worked really hard to find systems that worked to put ourselves at the top of our own list.

It has made us better mothers, wives, friends. We contribute more to our families. We feel strong and confident in our bodies. 

Mothering is definitely a balancing act. But we know that dedicating time to your health and fitness is non-negotiable.

We can’t wait to share with you our strategies to find that balance.

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  • 3 emails a week where we tackle all things mindset, exercise and nutrition.

  • 2 workouts a week specifically designed to be safe for any stage postpartum.

  • Strategies on how to make better food choices.

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