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Inside Out Strength

“We help women find strength on the inside and out.”

This is something that you will read in our blogs, our newsletters and social media posts over and over and over again. Why? Because it’s what we absolutely love to do and because we’ve seen it happen before our very eyes.

Strength training is about more than just sweating and lifting heavy stuff. It’s about finding strength. Confidence. Power. It’s about taking up space. It’s about finding your inner voice telling you that yes, you can do this!

When I have a lag in my training consistency I can feel it. Not only physically in terms of energy and physical movement but in terms of how I feel about myself. I don’t feel as confident when I enter I room. I don’t feel as inspired to do the things that I love to do. I don’t feel as empowered to make decisions or take action. But when I am consistent? It makes a world of difference!

And we’ve seen this in our clients, too.

We’ve seen women in our gym grow the confidence to ask for what they need from their partner.

We’ve seen women in our gym find the strength to ask their boss for a work schedule that’s more conducive to their lifestyle.

We’ve seen women stop caring so much about the size of their thighs.

We’ve seen women take risks by reaching out to make new friends.

We’ve seen women feel like a total bad ass because they did something physically that they never thought they could do!

And all because they decided to work on their outside strength. Little did they know that when they made that choice that they were also making the choice to get strong from the inside out. 

Strength training is about so much more than getting stronger and more proficient at different exercises. It’s about stepping into the powerful, wonderful, strong, confident woman that is you….on the inside and out.



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