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How to Get Your Workout Groove Back

Sometimes taking a break from exercising is necessary. Maybe you just gave birth, had an injury or just needed an emotional break. That #noexcuses thing? It’s BS. Because we do have excuses, (also known as reasons) and sometimes those excuses are very valid.

When you’re trying to get back into working out, though, finding your groove again can prove to be tricky. Here are a few ideas on how to get your workout groove back:

  1. Start small. Chances are that if you have been averaging 0-1 workout sessions a week that trying to jump to 5+ a week isn’t going to be commitment that you can follow through on in the long term. So, start small! Maybe start by attending 1 exercise class a week or scheduling two 20-minute blocks of physical activities into your weekly schedule. The goal of getting your workout groove back isn’t about trying to get to your most ideal version of health and fitness in as little time as possible, it’s about trying to gain consistency and making small changes over time is the way to do that.
  2. Be okay with feeling not okay. Sometimes that first workout back is tough. Everything feels hard. You’re not performing the way that you’re used to. You kind of can’t wait until it’s over. Just know that those feelings are completely okay and normal. Your first workout back doesn’t need to be stellar. Just show up and do your best. That’s all that’s required! 
  3. Do things that you enjoy. Just like we’re not likely to follow through on big, sweeping changes long term, we’re also not likely to follow through on participating in exercises that we don’t enjoy. Try not to view exercise as punishment, but as something that enhances your life and makes it bigger! This should include things that you like to do whether it’s walking, running, yoga, weight lifting, swimming, biking….whatever it is that you enjoy, do that! Don’t punish yourself with activities that you feel like you “should” be doing if you just really, really don’t like it.

Another way to get your workout groove back is to join a community of people who are looking to do the same. We pride ourselves on the community at our gym. It’s a judgement-free, come as you are kind of place and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Email us at info@movementduets.com to get started.




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