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How Two Moms Made Time For Themselves and “Got Their Bodies Back”

They say a baby changes everything. And that is so true! When our children enter this world, we feel our hearts explode with a love we have never felt. We have never been so excited about little (huge) achievements like smiling, eating, rolling and walking. We have never been so in awe of the miracle […]

A Letter to the Old Me Before Mom: I Still See You…..and You Still Matter

Dear Old Me, I still see you. Sprawled out on the couch with two pillows under your head. Binge watching Parenthood and Orange is the New Black, pondering what you will be doing that day. I see you quietly sitting, sipping on some coffee and working on a blog that you’ve been at for awhile. […]

How to Start a New Workout Regime and Stick With It!

When I was growing up I’d do my mom’s Jane Fonda workouts. Then I stopped. Later, it was Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Then I stopped. Then, I was working out everyday at a gym for 2+ hours. Then I stopped. Then I started running everyday. Then I stopped. Then I did P90X. THEN. I. […]

What’s Your Bright Blue Elephant?

“That’s awesome! You’re going to win!,” one of my third grade classmates exclaimed as he looked over the coloring job that I’d done. Each one of us in class got a coloring sheet of paper. It had an elephant dressed in a policeman outfit directing traffic on it. Our teacher told us that we were […]

Why Middle School Sucks: Raising a Son to Fend For Himself

It’s a pretty common occurrence for Jack and I to just kind of hang out after his nursing sessions. After he’s done eating he’ll continue to lay across my lap while he smiles, coos, and laughs. I tickle him or play with his feet and sometimes, we just sit there and stare at each other. […]

Birth Shaming…..Could You Not?

It was one of the more awkward coffee dates I had been on. Cara and I had met up with a few women that we had recently met and were talking shop. Being that we train mainly mamas and mamas-to-be with a lot of regard for their pelvic floor health, it was only natural that […]

3 Ways to Make Time For Exercise

“I just can’t fit it into my day.” “I can’t justify taking the time away from my kids.” “I want to, but I just get so busy and before I know it the day is over.” “My gym doesn’t have childcare so I stopped going.” These are some of the responses that we got when […]

Respecting the Process: Why I Don’t Feel the Need to “Kill It” in the Gym

I’ve been kind of bucking the system a little bit…. Throughout my entire pregnancy I was making plans: After I have Jack, I’m going to start training for the StrongFirst Level I kettlebell certification this year. After I have Jack, I’m going to start training to compete in the Highland Games again this summer. After […]

Rediscovering My Identity: Life With Baby

Here’s the dirty truth: I haven’t really cleaned my apartment since my son was born 5 months ago. Not to say that we’re living in an unsanitary pig sty, but there is definitely grime. This weekend, my husband and I finally had no plans and decided to divide and conquer. One of us was on […]