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6 Ways to Get Your Workout in with a Toddler Around

Putting my phone, remote and keys as high as possible? Check. Bumps and bruises? Check. Crying when I take away the waffle iron that he just broke into small pieces and tried eating? Check. Mashed potatoes going everywhere on his body besides his mouth? Check. Yep. It’s been confirmed. We had arrived to toddler land. […]

Goodness In; Goodness Out: How I Treat My Body Matters

You know the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out?” Well, I’ll be bold enough to say that that is entirely true, although I like to think of it in more of a positive light: “Goodness, in, goodness out.” Early on in my pregnancy with my son, I had an extreme aversion to meat. This made […]

Feeding the Soul-Changing Our Approach to Food and Exercise

As a parent I have the privilege of being around for many of my son’s A-HA moments. It is exhilarating watching a little person figure the world out in their own way. The other day Dedrick “discovered” that all food does not come from a supermarket. If we are lucky it comes from the ground […]

On Love and Nature

If we get the chance, we fall in love in nature. For as long as I can remember I have hiked and camped with my family.  On these trips, one of my favorite games was to find the perfect “wedding” spots.  I was drawn to parts of the trail where the trees grew together at […]