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The Best Exercises For An Amazing Sex Life

Sex is important.   It is.   Even if you are a mom…ESPECIALLY if you are a mom!   Sex can help you stay connected with your partner. It can help you feel a little less like a woman covered in baby spit and yoga pants and more like a woman-hear-me-roar!   On a physical […]

Could Our Pregnant Bodies Take Down the Diet Industry?

A few weeks ago something miraculous happened.   As a trainer working with mainly women, I spend a LOT of time talking with women about loving their bodies. I routinely talk women down off the ledge of self-flagellation through starvation and over-exercising. I’ve made it my mission to empower women to love their bodies. But […]

“She’s just a little girl!” – Breaking Gender Stereotypes

“She’s just a little girl!” the man kept yelling. I had joined up with my family for a camping trip at the Coast over Labor Day weekend. Our camp site was at an organized family camp, which means there were lots of other campers and a lot of family activities planned. One of those activities […]

What To Do About Diastasis Recti: Four tips to getting your mama body back, and it’s not what you expect!

When I had my oldest son, I had never heard of diastasis recti (DR). It took a while before I really came to understand what it is and how it affects my mama clients. But lately, DR has become an epidemic. The new scary way for your new mom bod to fail you! You only […]

You Want to Put What Where???- Our Guide to Sex After Baby

You’re lying in bed. Curled in the fetal position. You mind flashes back to your 6 week check up with your OB earlier today. “All cleared.” he said. Your ears heard him, but your brain was screaming…REALLY??? It is the wee hours in the morning and the baby stirs. You hold your breath trying to […]

How Feminism Can Heal Your Diastasis Recti

When I had Dedrick I had never even heard of Diastasis Recti. In fact it was many years before I ever heard it uttered in my fitness-y neck of the woods. And it has been even more time since I feel like I’m really coming to understand what it is and it’s implications with my […]

The Glorification of the Pre-Baby Body

Our culture has a nasty habit of setting impossible aesthetic standards for women.   Beauty in America is a constant cat and mouse game highlighted by airbrushing and shame. Be thin, be curvy, be muscular, be perfect. It is a constant changing game of chase and anytime we, women, choose to play, we lose. We […]

The Postpartum Body…Not the Evil Stepchild You Thought She Was

I’m standing in front of the mirror doing my before-shower ritual. I check myself out from the front. I turn and check myself out from the side. I purse my lips, fluff my hair. I pick up one boob, then the other. I give myself one good solid checking out. I’m not really sure why, […]