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Why “Moderation” Doesn’t Work

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed the other day and saw yet another fitness expert grinning excitedly over a juicy cheeseburger. Another flick of my thumb and a personal trainer is talking about eating a cupcake for dinner and calling it moderation. A little further and a fitness expert is talking about gains while […]

A Letter to the Old Me Before Mom: I Still See You…..and You Still Matter

Dear Old Me, I still see you. Sprawled out on the couch with two pillows under your head. Binge watching Parenthood and Orange is the New Black, pondering what you will be doing that day. I see you quietly sitting, sipping on some coffee and working on a blog that you’ve been at for awhile. […]

How to Start a New Workout Regime and Stick With It!

When I was growing up I’d do my mom’s Jane Fonda workouts. Then I stopped. Later, it was Tae Bo with Billy Blanks. Then I stopped. Then, I was working out everyday at a gym for 2+ hours. Then I stopped. Then I started running everyday. Then I stopped. Then I did P90X. THEN. I. […]

Why I’m Ready to Lose Weight

**As we open enrollment for Fit Mom Foundations once more I felt that it was important to post this again. We never really “arrive” at skinny, or fit. It is a constant process. What we CAN arrive at is love. Love for ourselves. We strive to motivate all our clients to start with self love. […]

How Feminism Can Heal Your Diastasis Recti

When I had Dedrick I had never even heard of Diastasis Recti. In fact it was many years before I ever heard it uttered in my fitness-y neck of the woods. And it has been even more time since I feel like I’m really coming to understand what it is and it’s implications with my […]

Self-Love, Sex and Spinning Class; Finding my Identity After Baby

There was a huge shift for me in my life when I started prizing the things my body could do over how my body looked. It felt like my whole world opened up. It was the first time since I was a little girl that I was really proud of my body.   Celebrating what […]

Minding Your Pees and Kegels: the Exercises You Should Be Doing in Pregnancy and After

One of my first thoughts after finding out that I was pregnant was…”I can’t get fat.” Even as a personal trainer and “fitness expert” I always felt like I was holding onto my fitness by a thread. I was always trying to meet the next goal. Leaner. Thinner. Faster. Stronger. (Mostly leaner and thinner if […]

Why Craving “Bad” Food is Natural

A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to take a day trip to the beach. We’re fortunate enough to live only a couple of hours away from the Pacific Ocean. As we were headed over I started to think about what we would do when we got there, and my mind went immediately […]