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How to Get Your Workout Groove Back

Sometimes taking a break from exercising is necessary. Maybe you just gave birth, had an injury or just needed an emotional break. That #noexcuses thing? It’s BS. Because we do have excuses, (also known as reasons) and sometimes those excuses are very valid. When you’re trying to get back into working out, though, finding your […]

Return to Running Postpartum

We’ve heard a rumor that running is fun.    In all seriousness, we do know that many women really do enjoy running. Running is convenient, you can just step outside with a stroller. Running is easy, we all know how to do it. But running might not be the best way to start your new exercise […]

4 Exercises to Stop Doing Now

Shit You Don’t Like   Exercise should serve a purpose. Ideally, it should help support our physical, emotional and mental state. However, in a culture that is constantly trying to tell women how to change their bodies and ever changing beauty standards, it can be easy to start seeing exercise as a punishment. Our bodies […]

Inside Out Strength

“We help women find strength on the inside and out.” This is something that you will read in our blogs, our newsletters and social media posts over and over and over again. Why? Because it’s what we absolutely love to do and because we’ve seen it happen before our very eyes. Strength training is about […]