About Us

In the spirit of helping women cultivate a life that they can believe in, we exist to help women honor the importance of taking care of their whole selves and shamelessly discovering their own version of fitness and beauty.

Cara Turnquist and Jill McLean are both Mobility Experts, Personal Trainers, connoisseurs of spandex and practitioners of the Beautiful Adventure we call life. With over a combined 20 years in the Fitness Industry they encourage their clients to strive for holistic health through fitness, nutrition, relationships and a connection with nature. When we move well and feel well we are vibrant, happy and can do amazing things! We are always seeking new ways to move, play and get fit. This often involves our families. We strive to wake up each morning with a renewed sense of curiosity and wonder and go to bed knowing that we did what we could to learn, teach and leave the world a better place.