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3 Ways to Make Time For Yourself When You Have Small Children

I was in the bathroom, my sanctuary since I had my first son, doing my business. And honestly, I was taking a few minutes to breathe, scroll Facebook and have a moment when a small child wasn’t asking something of me. As I zipped up my pants I could hear my son yelling from outside the door, “Mommy! I made you a picture!” 


As I opened the door I saw the cap of a permanent marker…a beacon that strikes fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. Where was that little gremlin? What has he done??? And there he was, in the hallway, beaming with pride at the picture he had drawn on the wall. 


Was I being punished? Was I not allowed just a moment to myself??? The answer to that mama is YES! You are allowed a moment, many moments to yourself, but you’ve got to make them! Here are some tips that we have learned as moms ourselves, and working with many other moms in our gym. 



When we become moms it can be hard to ask for help. We worry that if we don’t look like we have it all together we will be judged. We don’t want to put anyone out. But, your friends really do want to help! And we all need help sometimes! So, make a list of the people in your support system, all the people who have offered to help, and take them up on it! 



Now…put yourself on your own calendar. Schedule the time away to do something. If we don’t make a formal plan it can be easy to keep knocking yourself down the list. Don’t do that, you are important! And not just because time away from your kids will make you a better mother or wife, just because you have intrinsic worth and value!



Remember the woman you were before kids? Ask her what she’d like to do with some time away! Did she like to read books and write poetry? Did she always have a joke when out with friends for happy hour? Did she train for triathlons? Go do those things. Because eventually, these little beings become more than part of our heart walking around on the outside. They become autonomous beings who move out and create lives of their own. 


Making time for yourself is an essential part of being a mom and just a human being. Find your support system, schedule the time and do something that makes you feel alive! If going to the gym is something that makes you feel alive, come check out one of our classes! Get your sweat on and meet other moms! 



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